Are You Ready to Live With Clarity and to Know With Certainty What Your Purpose is Here on the Planet?
This six week system, takes out the information overloaded world we live in, and gets you crystal clear on what it is you actually want. 
Colleen has put nearly 10 years of experience into this course from being a cancer survivor, nearly $200,000 invested in personal development programs, retreats and seminars which has led to 100s of hours Colleen has spent on her own personal development. 

This program shares with you easy and simple tools to find your truth, speak your truth and live it as your reality. 
Colleen is so passionate about empowering people to reach their full human potential because she was diagnosed with cancer at age 14. 

In this program she takes you on a journey to do just that ALL while learning how to create a freedom lifestyle.  Where a large part of your income is able to come from online mediums, so you can work, live and do whatever you want, want you want it.
The main themes you will take away from this program are:
  • Understand how to build your courage so you can speak exactly who you are to others in this world
  • ​Create a deeper relationship with yourself which will in turn create the friendships and relationships of your dreams
  • Have the awareness of how to monetize your truth and anything else you desire in this world 
  • ​Create a basic awareness of how to use social media and why it is important to use it 
  • ​Realize the importance of tapping into the power of being present with how you feel instead of DOING all the damn things because you think it will get you somewhere (all this will 10x your results)
  • ​Empower you to understand how to create practices and modalities that WORK for you instead of trying to do what everyone else is doing
  • ​Inspire you to see how easy and simple it is to gain clarity on your truth and live your life from this place of pure bliss, joy and prosperity which will attract everything you desire in your life: relationships, purpose, love, travel, freedom, money and the list can go on
Outline For Each of the 6 Weeks 
Please read these with an open mind and heart because this program is intended to open your mind and heart to shift your perspective into the unknown so you can live a life you may not of known you had available for your to live right now, if you choose.
Part 1
Find Your Truth
Week 1-2 - The Key to Your Heart
This is the foundation of your adventure! We find the key to your heart. You will become crystal, clear on what your truth is. You find 100% clarity on your purpose within week 1 to start to see your true potential, with your everyday small habits, behaviors and thoughts.
 The Truth of Your Worth - Understanding how to truly value yourself), 
The North Compass - AKA Your TRUE Purpose and Mission in This Life
& Your Hearts DNA - This is what your heart thrives off of in this life
Week 3-4- Become The Modern-Day Walt Disney
Now you begin to discover all the possibilities that inspire you to make that "impossible" truth come alive. This is where your imagination becomes one with you
Calendar of Truth - Where is your time actually going? 
Your Tribe - How to Find Them (Social Media Introduction)
 & 3 New Beginnings - Committing to be the creator of your life
Part 2
Speak Your Truth
Week 5-6 - Creating The Magic
It is like you have been gifted a one-way ticket to wherever you want in the world. We connect the dots to build your courage. You become limitless to seeing how you can free yourself to live the impossible as your reality.
Your Magic Carpet Planner - How to plan your life based on what feels good
Your Ultimate Potential - How to share what you love & monetize it
& Your Fearless Tribe - Creating the most epic group of humans around you
Week 7-8 - Become The One
We dive deep into what the concept of love means to you. We start to revolutionize and redefine love in the world for you. You start to speak with your love into the world and magic starts to occur around your life. You start to courageously live with your love in the world.
The Truth of Your Love - What Love is to YOU, not fitting to everyone else's ideas
Your Special Energy - What is your MAGIC and how to own it
& A Note to Your Heart - A Commitment you are making to yourself here on out with always being true to you 
Part 3
Live Your Truth
Week 9-10 - Intoxicator (AKA someone who takes the time to look within, remove the toxic and become what is left their truth in the world)
You create your Intoxicator Wheel of Life to be set up for the long-term. Your life will be filled with balance, love and harmony that will always be true to you. You are the Intoxicator, "THE" one everyone wants to be.
You're Filled Up Heart - Create a Life that TURNS YOU ON & excites you with joy
& Your Intoxicator Wheel of Life - Keeping yourself accountable
Week 11-12 - The Happy Ending
You focus on the future, to ensure this new-found truth remains a sustainable lifestyle. You go through the 12 components of your happiness. You inspire, empower and impact those you are surrounded by and the world to rise up. The world needs your truth, here you see that.
Your Dictionary - How we speak to ourselves and the language we use creates our life - here you will be redefining the words you use so you can manifest more of your desires
& Your Roadmap to True Happiness - Creating practices that work for you in your life to keep allowing your dreams to reveal themselves
What Is Included in the 6 Week Program
In this program Colleen has set it up so you are not going through this alone and you are meeting other women and men from around the world who are starting their journey to become their truth. She has found its important she she deliveries 1:1 time with her and group calls. 

This way you are getting personalized attention yet also seeing you are not alone going through whatever is happening in your life. 
So for the 6 weeks here is what is included
  • Private Facebook Group/Community for each of you to share the exercises and what you are experiencing
  • 1​8 Recorded Videos - 3 (five to ten minute) video models per week that you watch before each weekly live calls - as soon as you enroll you get access to week one
  • ​18 PDF workbooks with exercises that take you through each week to gain a better understanding of who you truly are, gain clarity on your truth, action steps to take to make your truth a reality and sustainable practices for you to implement in your life 
  • The Code to Manifest Positivity in Your Life 
  • Master-hacks to Become the Modern Day Bachelor or Bachelorette
  • ​Checklist for Creating Power Outfits

International Speaker, 
Published Author, 
World Traveler
Social Media Guide,
 Retreat Facilitator
…and Entrepreneur.

Most of all, Colleen is passionate: passionate about empowering business leaders to use their voices on social media to create freedom and impact; passionate about inspiring others to go deeper into their own spiritual journeys—and use social media as an amplifier to empower others; passionate about helping others heal themselves, so they can create social impact businesses that lift us all up—and open the door to better lives.

A little more about her: she’s packed a lot into a young life. She survived childhood cancer, has visited more than 35 countries, and been a sales engineer for multimillion and billion-dollar companies, one in the US and one in Australia and New Zealand. Colleen holds a BA in marketing from Michigan State University and an MS in global technology and development. Next year, she’s starting a PhD in international relations.
Her mission is to educate and empower people so they can make a massive impact upon humanity by simply being them.

Overall, Colleen Gallagher is known to be a magical creature who is multi-talented and spiritually gifted. 
 She is a speaker, mentor, social media strategies, author, friend, daughter, educator,  healer and much much more. 

She represents a portal that allows you to enter into a world of magic where you get to create and live a life with infinite possibilities and divine freedom. Colleen is so passionate about empowering and guiding you to see that you can have the relationships of your dreams, the lifestyle you desire and truly feel happy from in the inside out.
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Frequently Asked Questions 
How Do I Watch The Recorded Videos and Content?
There is a online membership area which has all the recorded videos and pdf workbooks that you get access to for life. (See Videos Below) 

How do You Get Access to the Facebook Group?
Once you click to the next page and invest you will get an email with everything
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There are no REFUNDs
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